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They Get It…Why Can’t We?


As some of you may know, I have just returned from an awesome vacation in Belize.S6304091 While visiting a friend in Corozal Town, we passed a park at the water edge called Mother’s Park.
In the center of this park, for all to see, every single day, S6304087in color no less, is a statue of a mother breastfeeding her baby.

As my picture was being taken, this little girl wanted to stand with me. With her mother’s permission, we posed.
In the second picture, she S6304090wanted us to say “cheese”. Who am I to deny such an adorable child?
Our country is so advanced compared S6304088to this small country. How can we be so delinquent in something that is so very natural?


The Latch On Song

In honor of my friend, who has left us all too soon, and in honor of her passion to promote breastfeeding…

Janna Melsness; CNM, MSN, MPH, RN, BSN

January 28, 1981 – April 5, 2015

Giving Birth by Suzanne Arms

This is a beautiful film about the beauty of giving birth!!!

A must see!!!

Please click on above title to see video.


Birth Doulas are for ANY kind of childbirth!!!

More and more people seem to understand the benefits a birth doula has to offer to a woman and her family, when that woman wishes to have a natural childbirth experience.

But how many people realize what benefits a doula offers when a woman chooses to use an epidural? Or how about the comfort a doula is able to give when there is a cesarean?

When a women tells me she wishes to have an epidural as soon as possible, I smile and assure her that I understand her wishes, which are absolutely her right.

I then explain how our local hospital does not typically admit a woman until she is in active labor. I suggest we work  on ways of coping until she is admitted, even how to stay active in triage. I then move on to the realities and mechanics of having an epidural. After this, I discuss her second stage of labor…actually giving birth. Then her wishes for her new born baby should be planned for, such as skin-to-skin, bonding, breastfeeding, having the nursery staff come to her and her baby.

Every time I am with a woman who suddenly finds she is going to have a cesarean, there is disbelief, deep regret, confusion… overall feeling of being a failure in some way. Her family is usually at a lost, feeling much the same way. And did I mention fear? I, as a doula, am there to help qualm these rampant and sudden emotions. I guess my job is to help restore peacefulness. I work fast and furious to try to accomplish this, assuring the woman that I will still be there for her. After all, there is still much work for me after the baby is delivered.

My point with these ramblings…a birth doula is there to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother and her partner before, during, and just after birth…



Did you know that if everything is okay with your newborn, he does not need, or have to, go to the nursery???

Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, NC is beginning to follow the model of bringing everything to mom and baby, right on the L&D floor. And I say congratulations to Women’s Hospital!!!

What does this mean for you and your baby???

This means that you are able to continue skin to skin.

This means that there is no rush to initiate breastfeeding but you can follow a much more natural, calmer path.

This means that there is all the time in the world to cuddle, bond, nuzzle.

This means that there is ample time for your hormones, and your baby’s, to rage through your bodies and do so many beautiful things for you both.

This means that you get to give your baby his first bath.

This means that you are there to comfort when all of these new, some unpleasant, things are being done to your baby.

This means that you have the advantage of learning valuable information from the nursery nurse.

This means that after 40 weeks, plus labor, no one is going to try to remove your baby from your loving arms.

This means that you can relax and allow your new love to flow to your new baby!


Of course, this is all predicated on your baby, and you, having no medical issues.