Baby Belly Bazaar

The Creative Center and Piedmont Area Doula Association will host a  

FREE Baby Belly celebration

on Sat, Nov 10th from 10am-2pm.

Expectant moms interested in expanding their artistic and healthy prenatal experience are invited to a day of belly painting, belly casting and belly dancing.

Prenatal massage, acupuncture and the use of herbs will be showcased in

The Gallery at 900 16th Street

Greensboro, NC

Herbal teas and a healthy lunch will be available for purchase.

Pamper yourself and hear about education styles, lactation support and the most up to date research on birthing techniques.

This event is sponsored by Women’s Hospital and All About Baby Boutique.

For more info, contact 336- 312-4678.


How Do You Feel About Exercise?

Not only will exercise help you to regain your former shape after the birth of your baby, but exercising during your pregnancy will actually help you during your labor and birth. Most important, exercise helps your baby!

What are your favorite exercises?

Dr. Cathy has some awesome videos on You Tube. Check them out.


It Is Never Too Early

The staff at writes:

“Jonathan’s playing with his tiny daughter. He touches her foot. She kicks his hand away, smiles and waits. Nothing unusual until you learn his baby won’t even be born for a couple of more months. Parents have known for a long time that their babies in the womb respond to the world around them. Now experts agree that your baby is alert, playing and learning every day.”

How are you playing and interacting with your unborn child? What does your baby like and dislike? What kind of music do you share? Does your baby prefer warmth or coolness?

To read more about this topic, go to