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Baby Belly Bazaar March 2015

bbb 4x6 card front (2)It is almost time for the Baby Belly Bazaar and the excitement is growing!!!

Fifty vendors are expected and several talented artists are prepared to decorate your baby belly!

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Our sponsors alone indicate what a wide range of information, education and fun that will be available to you!

And there are many more vendors!

Don’t miss this exciting event that is just for you and your baby!!!

Saturday; March 21st; 11am-3pm;  Greensboro Cultural Center

They Get It…Why Can’t We?


As some of you may know, I have just returned from an awesome vacation in Belize.S6304091 While visiting a friend in Corozal Town, we passed a park at the water edge called Mother’s Park.
In the center of this park, for all to see, every single day, S6304087in color no less, is a statue of a mother breastfeeding her baby.

As my picture was being taken, this little girl wanted to stand with me. With her mother’s permission, we posed.
In the second picture, she S6304090wanted us to say “cheese”. Who am I to deny such an adorable child?
Our country is so advanced compared S6304088to this small country. How can we be so delinquent in something that is so very natural?



“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.”  ~ Ina May Gaskin


Waterbirth…so natural, so gentle, so safe!

Yes…a waterbirth is natural birth. It is so much more gentle for momma and baby. And it is safe…baby is not going to drown; there are no infections.

It can even be safe for VBACs, as is shown here.

Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, NC has the statistics that show the wonderful outcomes.

However, you must be a qualified candidate for a waterbirth and only your care provider can determine this for you. You must also have a midwife attend your birth.

For more information about waterbirths at Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, please feel free to contact me:

THE Card

Thank you Momma, Dad and wee one!

Thank you, also, Tanya Bailey, CNM, Wendover OB/GYN!


Baby Belly Bazaar March 29, 2014




   March 29, 2014; 11 am – 3 pm;

        Greensboro Cultural Center





 November, 2013


Baby Belly Bazaar and Art



A Waterbirth…

…Just that simple, just that beautiful!



Congratulations, Mom & Dad!

Baby Belly Bazaar Featured Artist

Cheryl Ann


Baby Belly Bazaar


Triad Birth Doula is proud to present a FREE eclectic celebration for expectant moms who are interested in expanding their artistic & healthy prenatal experience. Belly casting, belly painting and belly dancing will be showcased in the Greensboro Cultural Center (200 N. Davie St) from 10am to 2pm on Sat, Nov. 9th, 2013. Massage, yoga and aroma therapy will enhance the ambiance while herbal teas and healthy lunches will be available for purchase.


 Learn about the most up to date research pertaining to birthing techniques Transform your beautiful belly into a canvas and let us capture your photo for posterity. If you are ripe with artistic potential or feel the urge to be pampered, this is a day for you. Bring your girlfriends and celebrate your bountiful belly.


Your baby will get a kick out of it, too.


For more information, call 336 312-4678 or email