They Get It…Why Can’t We?


As some of you may know, I have just returned from an awesome vacation in Belize.S6304091 While visiting a friend in Corozal Town, we passed a park at the water edge called Mother’s Park.
In the center of this park, for all to see, every single day, S6304087in color no less, is a statue of a mother breastfeeding her baby.

As my picture was being taken, this little girl wanted to stand with me. With her mother’s permission, we posed.
In the second picture, she S6304090wanted us to say “cheese”. Who am I to deny such an adorable child?
Our country is so advanced compared S6304088to this small country. How can we be so delinquent in something that is so very natural?


The Latch On Song

In honor of my friend, who has left us all too soon, and in honor of her passion to promote breastfeeding…

Janna Melsness; CNM, MSN, MPH, RN, BSN

January 28, 1981 – April 5, 2015


How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life?


Will it be peaceful and soothing? Maybe soft lighting, soft sounds, soft touches, and familiar smells that remind baby of where he has been? Will your baby lie safely and peacefully on your chest, staying warm with your body heat, regulating his heart beat with yours, gazing into your eyes, searching for his nourishment? Will it be a gentle welcome after such hard work to be born and then quickly adjust to this world of gravity and air?


Or will it be bright with fluorescent lights, loud voices with lots of people talking to vitamin K shotyou, to your baby, to each other, and too many people wanting to lay their hands on your baby, or even rub your baby down with a rough terry cloth towel.

Can you imagine after having been floating in warm water for all of your existence to only suddenly being roughly rubbed with stiff terry cloth??? Do you think that might feel like sandpaper?

And what of the ointment that goes into the newly used eyes that only caught a glimpse of the world? Need I even mention the prick of a needle?

How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life? Consider this all important time. Then consider writing down what you envision so that after you describe it to your nurse and care provider, they have your vision and wishes in words to remind them.

How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life?

The Pure Emotion of Birth!

When a woman gives birth……..
            When her partner is witness………
                        There is just pure, raw emotion……….
                                  Do you see it? Can you feel it?
Congratulations Mom & Dad! And thank you for sharing your pure emotion!!!

Emotion pur ♥ a waterbirth

The pictures speak thousands of words of love!!!

Welcome Earthside, Abigail Grace !!!





All newborn procedures, tests, bath…everything…will be right with mom! Even the pediatricians come to Mom’s room! And, yes, hearing tests can be performed in the room as well!
An emergency is only reason baby would be taken away.



“Pitocin is the most abused drug in the world today.” ~Roberto Caldreyo-Barcia, MD

I feel so very sad when I see pitocin being given to a woman for induction or augmentation of labor. I will not argue that there might be legitimate times it is needed…but I still feel sad.

I always wonder if I, as a doula, have given this woman enough information about this harsh, harsh drug. Even though they say it is chemically the same as our natural drug, oxytocin, it does not treat our body, or our baby, the same. In addition, it disrupts the natural processes in so many ways.

I suppose I feel so very sad because it reminds me that I was given pitocin 33 years ago. I did not even know what was going on, much less that I had the right to ask…or dare say no.

Thank God that my child does not seem to have any side effects that are being associated with pitocin, such as ADHD or Autism. Nor does he have brain damage due to loss of oxygen when the cord became entangled as he twisted desperately against the harsh contractions. He does still have the grey patch of hair where the internal monitor was screwed into his scalp.

I, however, was not unscathed. Even though my baby was in the best of positions prior to the pitocin, as he tried to escape the drug induced  contractions, he kept landing against my lower spine. As a result, I have Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, and Spinal Stenosis, all of which are progressive.

In addition, these harsh contractions kept my baby’s head pushing, pushing so very hard against my cervix, which was just not ready to open because it was just not time. The result of this violation was abnormal, pre-cancerous, cervical cells. After many procedures to prevent the path to cancer, I ultimately had a hysterectomy. It was then found that my equally violated uterus had not one, but two, tumors that had not been present prior to my labor and delivery.

No more babies for me, but at least I would be here to watch my one child grow up, get married, and hopefully have the large family he, and I, have always wanted so much.

I am not a medical doctor. I do not pretend to be one. I just feel so sad when I see a woman being given pitocin.

Kenny Shulman CD(DONA)


Did you know that if everything is okay with your newborn, he does not need, or have to, go to the nursery???

Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, NC is beginning to follow the model of bringing everything to mom and baby, right on the L&D floor. And I say congratulations to Women’s Hospital!!!

What does this mean for you and your baby???

This means that you are able to continue skin to skin.

This means that there is no rush to initiate breastfeeding but you can follow a much more natural, calmer path.

This means that there is all the time in the world to cuddle, bond, nuzzle.

This means that there is ample time for your hormones, and your baby’s, to rage through your bodies and do so many beautiful things for you both.

This means that you get to give your baby his first bath.

This means that you are there to comfort when all of these new, some unpleasant, things are being done to your baby.

This means that you have the advantage of learning valuable information from the nursery nurse.

This means that after 40 weeks, plus labor, no one is going to try to remove your baby from your loving arms.

This means that you can relax and allow your new love to flow to your new baby!


Of course, this is all predicated on your baby, and you, having no medical issues.