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In honor of my friend, who has left us all too soon, and in honor of her passion to promote breastfeeding…

Janna Melsness; CNM, MSN, MPH, RN, BSN

January 28, 1981 – April 5, 2015

Memorial Day







How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life?


Will it be peaceful and soothing? Maybe soft lighting, soft sounds, soft touches, and familiar smells that remind baby of where he has been? Will your baby lie safely and peacefully on your chest, staying warm with your body heat, regulating his heart beat with yours, gazing into your eyes, searching for his nourishment? Will it be a gentle welcome after such hard work to be born and then quickly adjust to this world of gravity and air?


Or will it be bright with fluorescent lights, loud voices with lots of people talking to vitamin K shotyou, to your baby, to each other, and too many people wanting to lay their hands on your baby, or even rub your baby down with a rough terry cloth towel.

Can you imagine after having been floating in warm water for all of your existence to only suddenly being roughly rubbed with stiff terry cloth??? Do you think that might feel like sandpaper?

And what of the ointment that goes into the newly used eyes that only caught a glimpse of the world? Need I even mention the prick of a needle?

How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life? Consider this all important time. Then consider writing down what you envision so that after you describe it to your nurse and care provider, they have your vision and wishes in words to remind them.

How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life?

The Everlasting Flu Shot Debate

It is that time of year again….the offering of flu shots!

You may ask yourself…….should I? Or is there a valid reason not to?

The following is a post from a mother, and pregnant, sister birth junkie, Ashley Snyder:

“Honestly, being a science chick I go back and fourth. Looking at the list of ingredients is obviously very scary. However, trying to balance that when you see studies that show a big increase in better outcomes for babe including a 50% reduction in flu transmission over their first year of life…. It is such a hard decision. I personally rarely get sick, except when pregnant, but when I do it tends to be really bad. I wasn’t able to get out of bed for nearly three weeks when I had the chicken pox. The last time I had the flu I wasn’t able to walk, was delirious at points and very close to being hospitalized. I am however leaning toward not doing it this time since I am so early during flu season. If i were later into my second trimester or if baby would be born during flu season I think I would be more inclined to. What is swaying your decision?”

I (Kenny) recently heard a  midwife say it is the newborn that you are most protecting with mom getting the shot. The vaccination is not guaranteed to prevent mom from getting flu. If mom gets flu, and new born then gets it, it is potentially very dangerous for that little, newborn. Not 100% protection, but at least some, even if it is only to help new born to have milder case of flu. Oh…..and that wonderful, healthy breastmilk, without the vaccination,  does not have nearly the same amount of protection.

What I feel is most important here, is that you research, learn pros and cons, and then make an informed decision!

So……what is swaying your decision? While you are restricted from posting here (those robots drive me bonkers) please feel free to post on my FaceBook page: Triad BirthDoula! Or email me:!

To All Mothers…Before and After Birth

I did not write this but it is what I wish you to know!


A Mother’s Day Letter From Me To You 

Posted by rebekahkuschmider on May 11th, 2012 at 11:54 am

Dear Fellow Mother,

I wanted to take a moment here, as Mother’s Day approaches, to tell you that you’re doing great. Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your 10th, you’re doing great. Whether you’re confident about the future for you and your baby or scared out of your mind, you’re doing great. Whether you feel ready or not, you’re doing great.

Pregnancy is hard, no matter how many times you do it. It’s a long labor of love and it takes so much of you in ways you didn’t know before you ever got pregnant. But you’re doing great. Even on bad days when all you can do is doze off between trips to the bathroom to vomit or pee, you’re doing great.

Childbirth is a great unknown, even if you’ve done it before. No two labors are alike and the idea of labor can be terrifying or exciting. You’ve probably heard a million stories, read a million books and articles about what you could or should do for childbirth. You may have a 17 page birth plan or just a simple prayer that you and the baby come out safely at the end. But no matter what happens, you’ll be great. No matter how your baby enters the world, it will be great.

Breastfeeding can be like slipping into warm water or it can be a constant struggle to align breast and baby. Your milk might be too much, too little or just right. You might breastfeed for a day, a month a year. You might not do it at all and instead give your baby nutritious formula to fill that tiny belly. However you nutrure that most basic of human needs for you baby, it will be great.

Choosing the steps you take each day to raise your baby from infant to adult will be complicated. Someone will be there at every turn to offer a reason why you should second guess your choices. You have a million options to choose from for how your baby is dressed, fed, carried, or put to bed. Books, magazines, tv, your friends, your family will all have different stories to tell and different ideas to consider. Consider them or not. Choose for yourself and your baby one day at a time. Your choices will be great.

You are a mother. You are a great mother. Today, tomorrow and always.

You are great.

Another Mother



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Vitamin K Shot…Good or Evil?

Lately my clients have been asking me about the vitamin K shot that is so routinely given to newborns.
As a doula, my response is that I have no opinion. But, as a doula, I can give information.
Everyone knows the arguments for having this shot. What if there is bleeding in the brain? Or if there is a car accident on your way home from the hospital? And if you are having a baby boy circumcised the day after birth, additional vitamin K is a must. (Ever wonder why Judaism waits eight days for this procedure?)  It is said that a new baby does not have sufficient vitamin K for appropriate blood clotting for any of these situations.
Now……check out this article by Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist on March 15, 2010 in Healthy Pregnancy, Baby & Child

Skip that Newborn Vitamin K Shot

One of the very first things on a doctor or midwife’s to do list after the birth of your baby is an injection of vitamin K. The purpose of this shot is to assist the newborn with blood clotting capabilities in order to prevent the very rare and slow problem of bleeding into the brain in the weeks after birth (risk in about one in every 10,000 live births). The shot also is a supposed safeguard in case your car is involved in a car wreck on the way home from the hospital or birthing center with newborn in tow. Even a mild injury to a newborn could be life threatening if blood clotting capability is not adequate.

At first blush, allowing the vitamin K shot seems to be a no brainer. Safety of this precious, helpless little being is of paramount importance and questioning the necessity of this shot seems ludicrous. Since questioning the unquestionable is something I seem to have a knack for, let’s have at it. Is the vitamin K shot really of any value?
Let’s start with the vitamin K used in the shot itself. Is it a natural form of vitamin K such as would be found in leafy greens (K1) or butter (K2)? No, it is a synthetic vitamin K – generic name phytonadione. Synthetic vitamins should be avoided as they can cause imbalances in the body and have unintended consequences. For example, synthetic vitamin A actually causes the type of birth defects that natural vitamin A prevents!
How much synthetic vitamin K is in the shot? Shockingly, the national standard mandated by most states for US hospitals to administer is over 100 times the infant’s RDA of this nutrient. Since studies have linked large doses of vitamin K with childhood cancers and leukemia, this large dose of synthetic K administered within minutes of birth seems questionable at best.
The fact is that medical science still does not know that much about the metabolic fate of vitamin K. Little to no unmetabolized vitamin K shows up in urine or bile. This is disturbing given the fact that vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin and therefore has the potential to accumulate in body tissues. More disturbing is that the liver of a newborn does not begin to function until 3 or 4 days after birth. As a result, this little being has very limited to no ability to detoxify the large dose of synthetic vitamin K and all other the dangerous ingredients in the injection cocktail including:
– Phenol (carbolic acid – a poisonous substance derived from coal tar)
– Benzyl alcohol (preservative)
– Propylene glycol (better known as antifreeze and a hydraulic in brake fluid)
– Acetic acid (astringent, antimicrobial agent)
– Hydrochloric acid
– Lecithin
– Castor oil
The manufacturer’s insert included with the shot includes the following warning, “Severe reactions, including fatalities, have occurred during and immediately after intravenous injection of phytonadione even when precautions have been taken to dilute the vitamin and avoid rapid infusion …”
If that isn’t enough to scare you, Midwifery Digest, Vol 2 #3, September 1992 estimated that the chance of your child developing leukemia from the vitamin K shot is about one in 500! This means that the risk of developing leukemia from the vitamin K shot is much higher than the risk of bleeding on the brain which the vitamin K shot is supposed to prevent!
Does any of this make any sense to you? It makes absolutely no sense to me. How could anyone say that this shot is safe and effective for newborns?
How about this for an alternative – eat lots of leafy greens in the weeks before your due date (I drank a cup or two of nettle tea every day in the final weeks which is loaded with vitamin K1) to make sure your blood is high in vitamin K and of course, this will transfer to your baby as well. Make sure you breastfeed your child as the probiotics in breastmilk will seed your baby’s digestive tract with the right type of good bacteria which will produce naturally occurring vitamin K immediately after birth.
Skip the shot, eat your greens. Now, THAT makes some sense.
And here is another article and video by Dr. Mercola……
If you are concerned about the vitamin K shot, seek out information. Ask questions. You can start with your, and your baby’s, care provider.
Ultimately…….this is your baby and your INFORMED choice!

Happy Spring!!!