When Is It Time To Go To The Hospital?

A very common, and understandable, question…”When should I go to the hospital?”

I have heard some doctors say when contractions are every 5 minutes. I have also heard the 4-1-1 or 3-1-1 guideline. This means contractions are coming every four (or three) minutes, lasting one minute , for one hour.  And then some doctors have said go anytime…if you are not in labor, they will send you back home.

The best answer I have heard is one a midwife gave…”When home no longer feels like home.” I might add,  listen to your body and do what your instinct tells you to do. And if you are sent home, there is no shame attached!

These are three of my favorite doulas, “60 Second Doulas”. Click on the title above and listen to what they have to say…..


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