We believe that women should be treated with kindness and respect in childbirth !
We believe that bullying and coercion have no place in healthcare!
We believe that dignity and compassion are not too much to ask for pregnant women!




When I’m having a contraction…please do not ask me a question!



                                                              Dr. Michael Odent has said…..

“Silence is a basic need for a woman in labor. Privacy is another basic need.”

When I’m having a contraction…please do not tell me what I’m doing wrong!



When I’m having a contraction…please do not fuss at me!

                                                                                            ” The support a woman receives in labor and birth makes the difference between empowerment and trauma.” ~Mrs. BWF<                                                                                             

When I’m in labor…please respect my choices!

It is just respect, something that every human being should extend to others. And imagine what if we all did respect each other. Imagine the possibilities, beginning with birth.

It really is not that difficult. The Midwives and Nurses in these pictures gave these women and men respect…right here at Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, NC.<

Why can’t this happen everywhere??? It just is not that difficult!!! Respect!!!



When I’m in labor…please enter quietly, peacefully, lovingly…and respectfully!

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