Kelly’s (hospital) Waterbirth…so pure

Thank you, Kelly, for your willingness to share your experience so other women may feel a sense of how such a natural birth may occur.
You are a courageous and strong woman.
I believe in you!

Thank you, Meagan (M. Gioeli Photography), for sharing your wonderful photography!


Hypnobabies® says…
“Enjoy your baby’s birth in comfort, joy and love…”

And that is exactly what I witnessed!

But this type of birth is only going to work for you if you believe and if you invest yourself…also known as practice and prepare.

Hypnobabies® was not the only thing going on with this birth.

There was just so much love in this room…between mom and dad and son and parents. It was perfect the way dad read the script while son performed the touching. And, of course, when there is this much love you know that the oxytocin levels are unbelievable. Then add the soothing effect of the warm waters of a birth pool…well, no wonder this labor did not go on for hours on end.

And just to make this birth even more special…a well known doctor, Dr. Stringer of Central Carolina OB/GYN in Greensboro, NC, was the one who had the privilege of guiding this baby to her momma’s waiting arms.

A week or so later and it was finally my turn…

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     I love my work!!! Thank you, Mom & Dad!!!

Birth of a Family

Congratulations Mom & Dad!!! And thank you for sharing!!!

Evidence Based Waterbirth

This is an awesome article

by Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN, 

founder of Evidence Based Birth.!!!

A must read for everyone who might even consider a waterbirth.

Just click above to go to the article!

If you would like to chat with some women who have had a waterbirth, just get in touch with me.

If you would like to know how you can have a waterbirth in Greensboro, NC, give me a call, email me or fill out my contact form.


Waterbirth…So Gentle

In honor of my waterbirth teacher and mentor’s birthday, Barbara Harper, I share a recent waterbirth at Women’s Hospital of Greensboro,NC.

Waterbirth…so natural, so gentle, so safe!

Yes…a waterbirth is natural birth. It is so much more gentle for momma and baby. And it is safe…baby is not going to drown; there are no infections.

It can even be safe for VBACs, as is shown here.

Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, NC has the statistics that show the wonderful outcomes.

However, you must be a qualified candidate for a waterbirth and only your care provider can determine this for you. You must also have a midwife attend your birth.

For more information about waterbirths at Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, please feel free to contact me:

THE Card

Thank you Momma, Dad and wee one!

Thank you, also, Tanya Bailey, CNM, Wendover OB/GYN!


A Waterbirth…

…Just that simple, just that beautiful!



Congratulations, Mom & Dad!

Improving Birth…Yes She Did!

This is mom’s second birth experience.<




Her first was a beautiful landbirth at Women’s Hospital,of Greensboro, with the aid of an epidural. <Beautiful baby and the sweetest little guy!



For her second childbirth experience, she chose to have a midwife, Tanya Bailey, attend at the same hospital so that she might have a waterbirth. And that she did!

In her own words…..

“No meds at all but we did a water birth at our hospital. Loved it. Got to the hospital at 11 and had him less than 3 hours later. My transition/ most intense stage was 11 minutes! Wonderful! The water was great!!! I was ready to leave and go home right then..for real!”

(To see picture gallery, please click on title of post, Improving Birth…Yes She Did!)














I am often asked

What kind of positions can I use, should I use, when I am in the birth pool?

My response

Listen to what your body tells you.

Then I say

If your midwife or I see that your progress has slowed or if you have been in one position too long, a new position will be suggested.

But then I am asked

But what kind of positions? What do they look like?

So here you are

With the assistance of my beautiful model, Amelya, we are suggesting some positions you might want to try in the birth pool. Most important…stay opened and relaxed!

(This is a slideshow. If you wish it to go faster, click on picture.)