A Wise Man’s Mother’s Day Choices

What does a wise man give to his pregnant wife for Mother’s Day???

Flowers? Candy? Too predictable! Baby gear? NO WAY!!!imaaaassges

How about something really special for this important time in her life………

Prenatal Massage

An intimate prenatal photography session

Belly Cast painted by an artist

Professional belly or body painting

A beautiful gown for her labor (but expect it to be thrown away later)

A Birth Doula …that would be me! (*;*)

A Postpartum Doula

Aromatherapy session

Prenatal Yoga classes

Belly Dancing lessons…with all the trappings

Belly Henna

Essential Oils session


Okay….now that I have you thinking outside of the box,  please share your creative ideas at


Oh…and if you need help finding these gifts…just get in touch!


Stormy Weather

Looks as if we have bad weather heading our way.map_specnews03_ltst_4namus_enus_320x180

If you are very, very pregnant, please keep in mind that a strong low pressure system, a rapid drop in barometric pressure, could cause your bag of waters to rupture prematurely.

A sudden, big drop of temperature can be an indication that this is happening. You may see this in your weather forecast and so you know it may be a possibility.

I always suggest to my clients that if they feel some “twinges” get into a tub of warm water (unless lightening is a danger). Hopefully the water will equalize the pressure.

At very least, drink lots of water and lie down on right side.

And then…take a deep breathe and relax. It will be what it will be.

Do these things work??? Who am I to know. But they can’t hurt!




Baby Belly Bazaar

The Creative Center and Piedmont Area Doula Association will host a  

FREE Baby Belly celebration

on Sat, Nov 10th from 10am-2pm.

Expectant moms interested in expanding their artistic and healthy prenatal experience are invited to a day of belly painting, belly casting and belly dancing.

Prenatal massage, acupuncture and the use of herbs will be showcased in

The Gallery at 900 16th Street

Greensboro, NC

Herbal teas and a healthy lunch will be available for purchase.

Pamper yourself and hear about education styles, lactation support and the most up to date research on birthing techniques.

This event is sponsored by Women’s Hospital and All About Baby Boutique.

For more info, contact 336- 312-4678.


The Everlasting Flu Shot Debate

It is that time of year again….the offering of flu shots!

You may ask yourself…….should I? Or is there a valid reason not to?

The following is a post from a mother, and pregnant, sister birth junkie, Ashley Snyder:

“Honestly, being a science chick I go back and fourth. Looking at the list of ingredients is obviously very scary. However, trying to balance that when you see studies that show a big increase in better outcomes for babe including a 50% reduction in flu transmission over their first year of life…. It is such a hard decision. I personally rarely get sick, except when pregnant, but when I do it tends to be really bad. I wasn’t able to get out of bed for nearly three weeks when I had the chicken pox. The last time I had the flu I wasn’t able to walk, was delirious at points and very close to being hospitalized. I am however leaning toward not doing it this time since I am so early during flu season. If i were later into my second trimester or if baby would be born during flu season I think I would be more inclined to. What is swaying your decision?”

I (Kenny) recently heard a  midwife say it is the newborn that you are most protecting with mom getting the shot. The vaccination is not guaranteed to prevent mom from getting flu. If mom gets flu, and new born then gets it, it is potentially very dangerous for that little, newborn. Not 100% protection, but at least some, even if it is only to help new born to have milder case of flu. Oh…..and that wonderful, healthy breastmilk, without the vaccination,  does not have nearly the same amount of protection.

What I feel is most important here, is that you research, learn pros and cons, and then make an informed decision!

So……what is swaying your decision? While you are restricted from posting here (those robots drive me bonkers) please feel free to post on my FaceBook page: Triad BirthDoula! Or email me:!

Know Your Rights

I recently posted a very good article to my FaceBook page about Informed Consent.

Check it out:  What Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know About Her Right to Make Choices | Brio Birth

It reminded me of “The Rights of Childbearing Women”, written by Childbirth Connection, which I share with you here.

The Rights of Childbearing Women

* At this time in the United States, childbearing women are legally entitled to those rights.
** The legal system would probably uphold those rights.
1. Every woman has the right to health care before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth.
2. Every woman and infant has the right to receive care that is consistent with current scientific evidence about benefits and risks.* Practices that have been found to be safe and beneficial should be used when indicated. Harmful, ineffective or unnecessary practices should be avoided. Unproven interventions should be used only in the context of research to evaluate their effects.
3.Every woman has the right to choose a midwife or a physician as her maternity care provider. Both caregivers skilled in normal childbearing and caregivers skilled in complications are needed to ensure quality care for all.
4. Every woman has the right to choose her birth setting from the full range of safe options available in her community, on the basis of complete, objective information about benefits, risks and costs of these options.*
5. Every woman has the right to receive all or most of her maternity care from a single caregiver or a small group of caregivers, with whom she can establish a relationship. Every woman has the right to leave her maternity caregiver and select another if she becomes dissatisfied with her care.* (Only second sentence is a legal right.)
6.Every woman has the right to information about the professional identity and qualifications of those involved with her care, and to know when those involved are trainees.*
7.  Every woman has the right to communicate with caregivers and receive all care in privacy, which may involve excluding nonessential personnel. She also has the right to have all personal information treated according to standards of confidentiality.*
8. Every woman has the right to receive maternity care that identifies and addresses social and behavioral factors that affect her health and that of her baby.** She should receive information to help her take the best care of herself and her baby and have access to social services and behavioral change programs that could contribute to their health.
9.  Every woman has the right to full and clear information about benefits, risks and costs of the procedures, drugs, tests and treatments offered to her, and of all other reasonable options, including no intervention.* She should receive this information about all interventions that are likely to be offered during labor and birth well before the onset of labor.
10.  Every woman has the right to accept or refuse procedures, drugs, tests and treatments, and to have her choices honored. She has the right to change her mind.* (Please note that this established legal right has been challenged in a number of recent cases.)

11.  Every woman has the right to be informed if her caregivers wish to enroll her or her infant in a research study. She should receive full information about all known and possible benefits and risks of participation; and she has the right to decide whether to participate, free from coercion and without negative consequences.*
12. Every woman has the right to unrestricted access to all available records about her pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum care and infant; to obtain a full copy of these records; and to receive help in understanding them, if necessary.*
13. Every woman has the right to receive maternity care that is appropriate to her cultural and religious background, and to receive information in a language in which she can communicate.*
14. Every woman has the right to have family members and friends of her choice present during all aspects of her maternity care.**
15. Every woman has the right to receive continuous social, emotional and physical support during labor and birth from a caregiver who has been trained in labor support.**
16. Every woman has the right to receive full advance information about risks and benefits of all reasonably available methods for relieving pain during labor and birth, including methods that do not require the use of drugs. She has the right to choose which methods will be used and to change her mind at any time.*
17.  Every woman has the right to freedom of movement during labor, unencumbered by tubes, wires or other apparatus. She also has the right to give birth in the position of her choice.*
18. Every woman has the right to virtually uninterrupted contact with her newborn from the moment of birth, as long as she and her baby are healthy and do not need care that requires separation.**
19.  Every woman has the right to receive complete information about the benefits of breastfeeding well in advance of labor, to refuse supplemental bottles and other actions that interfere with breastfeeding, and to have access to skilled lactation support for as long as she chooses to breastfeed.**
20. Every woman has the right to decide collaboratively with caregivers when she and her baby will leave the birth site for home, based on their conditions and circumstances.**

1999, 2006 Childbirth Connection