Dear Family and Friends of Expectant Mom,


     We know that you are anxious to hear news about your loved one going into labor and giving birth. And we know that you really do care.     

     If you really want what is best for this woman-in-waiting, you might consider leaving her alone for now. We promise, someone will let you know when anything important occurs.       

     We also know that you have a wealth of knowledge and experience. But sharing that right now is not going to make the baby come any sooner. And it just may cause your loved one some fear and stress. Now, we all know, those two emotions are not good for momma or baby.     

     We know that you are acting out of love and concern. It is for that reason we ask that you give her the most important gifts…faith, trust, love, patience, and plenty of space.       

     We know she is dealing with her own thoughts, discomforts, impatience. Please do not give her yours, too.      

     Thank you so much for understanding and not having hurt feelings. Do not worry, your new, wee baby will be here exactly when the time is right.      


Triad Birth Doula, 

Doula of a 40+ week momma-in-waiting




If you are a Mommie-to-be……

try out this fun homework!

(Dads…it is good for you, too!)


There are three things I am going to
request of you……

First………take a deep breath, hold it to the count of 4, blow it away and feel your body slowly relax as you do so.
Just let it go. Feel your baby relax as you do so. 

Second….consider the following while still breathing deeply.
What is your favorite, special place?



As you are thinking about this place, imagine yourself there.
What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? What does it smell like?

Third… take your baby to your special place.

I can’t wait to read what you have to say about your special place!!! How did it feel to share it with your baby???

Please share it with all of us!!!

Now…when you are in labor,

go to your special place

and repeat this experience!!!