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To all of my Sister Doulas…



 If you are in the position to give a daughter, daughter-in-law, girlfriend, 35476_498439723552500_336163383_n 577252_498440090219130_1358449181_nniece, any pregnant woman who is in your life a gift…

                                give her the gift of a birth doula!

<I will create a special gift certificate that will explain the benefits of having a doula attend her birth, as well as what my services include.

I will even come in person to present your gift to her!


  Include the expense of my birth pool, or give separately!

You will find a listing of my services and fees, as well as my contact information, at   



I am often asked

What kind of positions can I use, should I use, when I am in the birth pool?

My response

Listen to what your body tells you.

Then I say

If your midwife or I see that your progress has slowed or if you have been in one position too long, a new position will be suggested.

But then I am asked

But what kind of positions? What do they look like?

So here you are

With the assistance of my beautiful model, Amelya, we are suggesting some positions you might want to try in the birth pool. Most important…stay opened and relaxed!

(This is a slideshow. If you wish it to go faster, click on picture.)



Undisturbed Birth

“One cannot actively help a woman give birth. The goal is to avoid disturbing her unnecessarily.”

– Michel Odent