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If you are a Mommie-to-be……

try out this fun homework!

(Dads…it is good for you, too!)


There are three things I am going to
request of you……

First………take a deep breath, hold it to the count of 4, blow it away and feel your body slowly relax as you do so.
Just let it go. Feel your baby relax as you do so. 

Second….consider the following while still breathing deeply.
What is your favorite, special place?



As you are thinking about this place, imagine yourself there.
What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? What does it smell like?

Third… take your baby to your special place.

I can’t wait to read what you have to say about your special place!!! How did it feel to share it with your baby???

Please share it with all of us!!!

Now…when you are in labor,

go to your special place

and repeat this experience!!!



How Do You Feel About Childbirth?

Ignorance = Fear
Fear = Pain
At least in the birth process.
Solution….do not remain ignorant about your child’s birth or your body or your careprovider or…well, you get what I mean.
Knowledge = Empowerment


Did you know that if everything is okay with your newborn, he does not need, or have to, go to the nursery???

Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, NC is beginning to follow the model of bringing everything to mom and baby, right on the L&D floor. And I say congratulations to Women’s Hospital!!!

What does this mean for you and your baby???

This means that you are able to continue skin to skin.

This means that there is no rush to initiate breastfeeding but you can follow a much more natural, calmer path.

This means that there is all the time in the world to cuddle, bond, nuzzle.

This means that there is ample time for your hormones, and your baby’s, to rage through your bodies and do so many beautiful things for you both.

This means that you get to give your baby his first bath.

This means that you are there to comfort when all of these new, some unpleasant, things are being done to your baby.

This means that you have the advantage of learning valuable information from the nursery nurse.

This means that after 40 weeks, plus labor, no one is going to try to remove your baby from your loving arms.

This means that you can relax and allow your new love to flow to your new baby!


Of course, this is all predicated on your baby, and you, having no medical issues.

The Look of Love







No love could ever be stronger!



No love could ever be purer!







No love could ever last longer!









I am in love!   Kenny

Triad Birth Doula


To Epidural or not…….

Are you planning on having an epidural? If so, that is certainly your choice…but have you considered all of the effects, and not just for yourself, but for your baby, too? I mean really considered???

If you tell me yes to these questions, then I say go for it.

But what are you going to do until you care provider allows for the epidural to be administered? How are you going to handle your labor until that point? An epidural is usually not given until you are well into active labor, about 5 centimeters.

And what if, as happens so often, you have “break through” pain? Do you know what you will do then?

And don’t forget about the 2nd stage…pushing.

My point…….an epidural does not take away the need for education, coping tools, and the need for a birth doula!

Please…..what are your thoughts????

Kenny…..Triad Birth Doula

What Fears Are You Holding On To?

“Nothing can drag you down if you’re not holding on to it”.

~ Anthony Robbins


What kind of fears are you holding onto today? What are your concerns about your pregnancy and impending birth?

As you stress about these concerns, your body produces adrenaline. Instead of adding this chemical to all of the hormones soaring through your body…let’s just put these concerns into the daylight. Let’s talk about them.Let’s share them.

And then..let them go…the same as releasing a balloon.

What Is Our Fee All About?

“Giving Birth with Confidence” recently posted this article:

Understanding a Birth Doula’s Fees

August 12, 2011 By Cara TerreriIf you’re considering hiring a doula for your birth, you may be wondering about the make-up of her fees, which can range from $400 – $1,000+. While the support of a well-trained doula is invaluable, it’s helpful to know what you’re paying for. Demetria Clark of Birth Arts International shares the following information in a recent post at Inspired Birth Pro: 

If you charge $400 per birth, this is a simple breakdown to consider:

Time with parents – 5 hours (prenatals and phone calls)

Time at birth – 10 hours (sometimes much longer, sometimes much shorter, but 10 is a midline average)

Time in postpartum – 3 hours

Postpartum visits, if you offer – 2 – 3 hours

Driving time – 3 hours average

Prep and research time – 2 hours

Total of 26 hours, which works out to be approximately $15.38 per hour

Other costs worth mentioning are gas, parking (if applicable), childcare for the doula during the time she is working with you, and meals or snacks for the doula during your birth (my doula also packs special snacks in her bag for the laboring mom).
I certainly agree with this. However, I also believe very strongly in DONA’s vision:
“A doula for every woman who wants one.”
Please…never let finances deter you from using a doula!




How Do You Feel About Exercise?

Not only will exercise help you to regain your former shape after the birth of your baby, but exercising during your pregnancy will actually help you during your labor and birth. Most important, exercise helps your baby!

What are your favorite exercises?

Dr. Cathy has some awesome videos on You Tube. Check them out.


It Is Never Too Early

The staff at writes:

“Jonathan’s playing with his tiny daughter. He touches her foot. She kicks his hand away, smiles and waits. Nothing unusual until you learn his baby won’t even be born for a couple of more months. Parents have known for a long time that their babies in the womb respond to the world around them. Now experts agree that your baby is alert, playing and learning every day.”

How are you playing and interacting with your unborn child? What does your baby like and dislike? What kind of music do you share? Does your baby prefer warmth or coolness?

To read more about this topic, go to

A Baby is…







“A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.”

~Carl Sandburg